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Christmas downtime with violinist Dennis Lau | FIDDLESTYLES

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Dennis Lau electric fiddle idol in Malaysia

Christmas downtime with violinist Dennis Lau

Christmas downtime with violinist Dennis Lau

Dennis Lau is not just a familiar name in the music industry. He also heads Mosaic Music Entertainment and Mosaic Movie Productions.This assignment, to interview young violinist Dennis Lau, sent chills down the spine of a colleague who is an aspiring singer. Surely, she isn’t the only Malaysian who’s in awe of Dennis Lau. 25-year-old Lau is a force to be reckoned with in the local music industry. His album, DiversiFy, released last year, showcases his talent of merging classics, jazz and pop tunes that appeal to the masses. Add this talent with good genes, business insight and ambition, and a star is born.His burgeoning musical career aside, Lau currently heads Mosaic Music Entertainment, a company that provides various services related to event, and more recently Mosaic Movie Productions, which produced a short film in which Lau acted alongside Daphne Iking and Steve Yap. The film is a part of his recently launched limited edition album aptly titled DiversiFy Limited Edition.There is no doubt that this young lad is every inch an entrepreneur – the profit Mosaic Music Entertainment makes has over the years been the financial source that funds his musical aspirations, namely his album. Unsurprisingly, Lau was listed as one of CIMB Prestige’s ‘Top 40 Under 40’ personalities in 2009.Lau, who read music at University College Sedaya International UCSI under the Newcastle Australian Music Degree Programme, is no stranger to the music education business either. His mother was a piano teacher, and having learnt piano since age 3, he started teaching music at age 18. Despite his success, Lau shows no sign of slowing down. In the spirit of the holiday season, however, he takes some downtime to sit down with at his cosy home-cum-studio in Subang. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE via Malaysia Property portal, Classifieds, Listings, News, Home & Décor.

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