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Saturday, October 1st, 2011 celebrates one year is very happy to announce that the site has been online for one year today October 1st, 2011.

I first decided I wanted to devote time to an online violin learning site about six months before actually doing it. It occurred to me that if done correctly I could help so many more violinists with each lesson than giving private lessons. I’ve always felt like everyone who wants to learn should be able to do so whether or not they are fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Internet is world wide as opposed to local and I love the idea of connecting to the entire world. Another thing that enticed me is knowing that whatever I produce now can theoretically remain indefinitely. It’s obvious that internet will continue to expand at great speeds.  One of the first things I did after deciding to start a site was to read a book about SEO search engine optimization, not having ever done anything like this before I wanted to know what I would be getting myself into and what I needed to do to get traffic to such a site.

I began by writing down ideas and future projects. There are no shortages of ideas and my list of things to do is extensive. The biggest problem is finding the time to do it all while also playing to make a living.  Fortunately revenue from adsense, Skype lessons and donations are on the rise giving me hopes for a sustainable future income to support my costs and time. One thing that came as an unexpected but positive surprise is that I have developed friendships with so many members and feel as though they are family. One of our upcoming projects are to make a Christmas video of Fiddlerman’s members playing a combination of “Carol Of The Bells” and “What Child Is This” which were voted on by our members on this forum thread. This video will be posted on Youtube and shows that we can work together even though we live so far apart. Some members are posting their progress and asking for constructive criticism on the forum.  This in essence is a close equivalent to a master class or private lesson though we do it with the greatest respect and appreciation towards each other and learn from others mistakes. I am very proud of how our members treat each other both with love and respect.

The famous “Cheap ViolinTest” started something special for It meant that a person could actually start learning the violin and not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Theoretically one could buy a violin for $99 and get lessons for free online at or other helpful sites and youtube.  As a result of my test, Cecilio caught wind of my review and offered to send me instruments provided they could use the videos as they see fit. I of course said yes but made it completely clear that I would be 100% honest about the result, good or bad. This gave me an opportunity to give away more instruments to my visitors. It also allowed me to see what quality instruments are available for the low budget beginner. So far I have given away two violins and am giving away a different violin every other month for at least 5 more violins. Next giveaway will be on the 9th of October and aired live as usual on Fiddlerman TV at 11AM ECT. Hopefully another similar opportunity will come along enabling me to give away even more instruments. All giveaways and information on how to win have been posted in the news section of

As of today, gets between 400 and 600 unique visitors from around the globe every single day and the numbers are climbing fast. I, Pierre Holstein (Fiddlerman), thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, for all the support that you have given me and the site. Happy Fiddlerman Day!!!

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