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Fiddlerman creates yet another violin game. | FIDDLESTYLES

Friday, March 18th, 2011 has added yet another game to his collection.

Violin Fingering Game

Violin Fingering Game

People with absolutely no knowledge of playing the violin or fiddle can now learn to read music and use the violin fingerboard with the help of a simple game. Fiddlermans new game, VIOLIN FINGERING GAME,  also has an interactive finger pattern chart in 8 of the most popular key signatures which can help students familiarize themselves with the most popular finger patterns.

The new game consists of 3 levels. The first level is more for the beginner reader. It begins with one string at a time, ten guesses per string from the G to the E string. The correct string is even highlighted to help the learning process for the beginner.
The intermediate level is much more difficult and intended to help the eye to finger associate as well as correct position for correct string. Mistakes are sounded by a buzzer and game points reduce as time goes by for each guess.
To get a real high score one must be fast and able to see the key signature, notes and fingerboard at the same time.
The final level is extremely difficult when tempo increases to its maximum and difficult even for the professional. The game does not reflect ones real capability to read music but will help those with other type of reading problems.

Also check out Fiddlermans INTONATION GAME which can prove to be very challenging when the pitch differences are as little as 5 cents on some of the advance level challenges.

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